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How To Avoid Emotional Stress During a Deceased Estate Clean Up

The task of a deceased estate clean up can create a high degree of emotional stress and pain on an individual.

Following the passing of a loved one, suddenly there is a realization that their home needs to be managed and conditioned for future use.

Those logistics can bare down on a person as they are in a state of grief, elevating their stress levels to an unhealthy degree.

Before any step is taken in this respect, it is important that they take time to grieve prior to being preoccupied with agents, movers or cleaners.

To think about this process clearly without any setbacks or interruptions, there are some strategies that can help people in these circumstances.

By having clarity and precision on what needs to be done, the emotional pain can be put to one side as the next steps are taken.

Let us walk through those steps now.


Identify Treasured Items To Keep

During a deceased estate clean up there can be a great deal of clutter and density of items. Among all of those possessions from the passing of an elderly and beloved family member, there is likely to be family heirlooms, photographs, paintings, pieces of clothing, glasses, books and other valued features that you will want to keep. Before there is activity where waste removers and cleaners enter the premises, or prior to a sale or auction where there won’t be any time to gather those items, source them out and have them placed away from the site first and foremost.


Prepare a Sale For Unwanted Items

Fortunately in 2018 there are a number of avenues that can be taken to sell goods in the process of a deceased estate clean up. From eBay to Gumtree, local Facebook groups and public notice boards, you can identify what items are still of value by potential shoppers and access some cash for their current worth. These are funds that can be reinvested back into other activities, some of which we will outline right here.


Book a Waste Disposal Provider

There could very well be a sizable amount of rubbish or goods that must be disposed of during a deceased estate clean up. By calling up and booking a waste disposal service, you can either access a skip to launch the trash into a large bin, or bring professionals on site to carry those items out off their own accord to take to a nearby tip. Undertaking this task yourself can be physically demanding, a scenario that does not alleviate stress but only adds to it.


Book a Professional Cleaner

A professional cleaner should be used as one of the final steps to close out a deceased estate clean up. Once all of the items have been moved on or rearranged, it is important to clear out the dust, dirt and accumulation of debris that has formed. A clean shine across bench tops, floors and tables will allow the next phase to take place.


Have a Support Network Help You

Above any other strategy that you should look to embrace when undertaking a deceased estate clean up, the most important point is to bring aboard a support network of people to help you. That might constitute family members, close friends, colleagues or neighbours who can alleviate a number of the tasks and take some weight off your shoulders – figuratively and literally.

No two deceased estate clean up tasks are identical as people will take different timeframes to grieve and different groups of people to help them out. What is important to note is that there will be challenges that emerge over the course of the clean up, and the more hands you have available, the easier those challenges can be resolved.